My name is Kali and I’ve been professionally cooking and baking in the Rogue Valley for 12 years. I’ve been working in the Food & Beverage industry since I was 15. My passion and creativity for my profession goes beyond my career and into my personal hobbies. I grew up gardening with my dad and continue to garden every year, along with raising chickens. I grew up in a very artistic family, which has greatly influenced my love for creating “edible artwork”.


One question I am constantly asked is, “What is your favorite thing to bake/eat?” Honestly, I don’t have a favorite. I love making everything and greatly enjoy challenging myself. I enjoy trying new things and finding new ways to create nostalgia.

Herb & Flour Patisserie is a pop-up bakery located in downtown Medford. We provide a range of European based breads and desserts; focusing on savory-sweet and multi-cultural infusions. We want to inspire adventure and nostalgia through our food.


We believe supporting our local farmers is essential, so we incorporate local ingredients into our foods when available. Seasonality is another meaningful practice for our food and the ingredients we use. We believe in supporting our community and in the power of celebration.

Where the magic happens...

Over Easy is a local restaurant in downtown Medford, OR. Chef Braden Hitt cooks a new eclectic menu every week and Stephanie will always make you feel truly welcome. We have a long-standing relationship with Over Easy and highly recommend a visit. Herb & Flour pastries can often be found on their special board.

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